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When Cancer Strikes

This six-month devotional is not only the perfect book for a cancer patient as they go through the many treatments of cancer but is also great for others.  Lee wrote this six-devotional as she battled cancer herself. It encourages others through each day and helps them to have a closer relationship with God. There are  journal entries to walk with the patient as they encounter treatments and step into the unknown. They will not feel alone on this journey When Cancer Strikes.


What is a Miracle?

Join this little boy in the kitchen with his grandma as she cooks him a delicious breakfast and tells him what a miracle is and is not.  This book is wrote in rhyme and not only answers his question but  reminds children to give thanks to God before they eat each meal.


Coming Soon 

"Are You Saved" is a children's book wrote in rhyme about what it means as a Christian to be saved. Kaylie is a little girl approached by a preacher and they discuss several other terms meant to mean the same thing. This book helps older children to understand what it means to give your life to Christ.


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